Dignity in every Filipino
Dignity in every Filipino

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Planting Filipino pride in the Last Frontier

March 12, 2010. Filipino Matters had the great pleasure of visiting Palawan, dubbed as the country’s last frontier for its strong commitment to preserve and protect its environment. No wonder the province is known for having one of greatest remaining forest covers in the country. The province is also home to a wide variety of great sceneries and natural wonders from the Tabon Cave, Tubbataha Reefs, St. Paul Subterranean River, El Nido, Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Busuanga Island, among many others.

FM was invited to speak at the Palawan State University (PSU) in the provincial capitol, Puerto Princesa. Volunteers Dale Dennis David, Ma. Julie B. Tanada and Mary Jane Jardin represented Filipino Matters. FM talked about the importance of national pride in laying down the foundations of a strong nation. They also discussed the many ways by which Filipino pride can be expressed, as well as how national pride can encourage us to contribute to our community and bring honor to our country in practical and doable ways. After its lecture discussion in PSU, FM went to Brooke’s Point, 192 kilometres to the south, for another speaking engagement, this time with high school students of Sacred Heart of Jesus. FM was happy to be invited by to talk about the relevance of national pride to the youth of today and how youths can help in promoting Filipino pride through their own initiatives. 

FM was received well in both schools and we deeply appreciate the generosity that were extended to our team. We are thankful for the sponsors and organizers for arranging this kind of events. That these are largely initiated by young people sends a strong signal- that young Filipinos are eager to discover their proud heritage and keen in reclaiming their country’s rightful place in the world. 

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Dignity in every Filipino

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